Publisher’s Weekly [February 2013]

“An eloquent treatise on the rights of artists to exploit their personal histories–and why they do so, and at what cost… Hacker does more than establish himself with a fine debut; he delivers a mission statement and the book retains the same ability to shock as its namesake.” [Read the full review]

Library Journal [February 2013]

“Hacker considers how far you should go in the name of art and just where the line falls between instructive honesty and crass commercialism. A first novel from a Pushcart Prize finalist that bears watching.” [Read the full review]

Three Guys One Book [February 2013]

“Somewhere in the middle of this book I set it down and said, ‘Jesus Christ, this is fucked up,’ and then picked it back up, crazed to find out how it would end. The Morels is a total shock, and announces the arrival of a blistering new talent.” [Read the full review]